Goals vs Dreams

How many times have we set goals, created New Year's resolutions and, for some reason, we go back to our default mind set.
So why does this happen? We are excited about our goals, we even sometimes picture ourselves achieving them. I have often asked myself this very same question. I have seen it first hand with my personal training clients. Some start out with great intentions and an "all in" attitude and within a few months they would drop off.

I began to re-evaluate my programs and I realized that it wasn't the program but a combination of having too many goals or having goals that were not clear. Maybe it was that we didn't realize that it was going to require more work than we anticipated. For whatever reason, in general, people tend to be afraid to really stretch themselves when thinking of what they desire. Or could it be they are afraid or embarrassed to share their goals or dreams in fear of ridicule or being shut down by peers?

Studies show that many people make too many goals at one time as with New Year's resolutions, making 6-8 of them. By writing them down, most know there are a few they are not going to attain. The problem when you have so many goals is it is very difficult to dedicate time, full commitment and energy to achieving those goals. Which reminds me of an old expression "Those who chase two rabbits often catch none".

My approach is to come up with two goals, perhaps to improve a personal best in your sport or rethinking a fitness and nutrition plan. For me, this has always seemed manageable. Basically, ask yourself what the two main goals are that will make the biggest leap from where you are to where you want to go.

Look at your life, your current situation right now. Think about something important in your life at this given moment. Something that gives your life a sense of purpose. What you become in the process is just as important. It can make you a different person, a person of character, faith with an unwillingness not to quit.

Step back and really think about what you really want, what's burning inside of you. Even if you don't know how you're going to do it. I feel that you must do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to be successful in any area of your life. If you give up on your goal or your passion you will regret it for the rest your life.

In my life, I fell into other people's beliefs and fears. They said to me you can do that, or I shouldn't do "this" and there were times that I listened and later regretted it. Not anymore!

Your inner voice, spirit, gut or whatever you call it, always speaks the truth. Believe me, I found out the hard way. It is having the faith to listen to it and having the trust to follow it. It never fails. Every time I tried to challenge it, I always lost.

Everything you went through yesterday was to get you ready for what you are about to do today. You are standing on the verge of a great awakening. Go out there and be great!