This program is going to give you the tools, skills and knowledge to make better decisions based on what is best for you. If you are ready to make this commitment, an individual nutrition program will be designed specifically for your nutritional needs and goals.

There are two major components that are key to the success of this program.
1. Compliance - This program will only work when you strictly adhere to it.
2. Lifestyle change - Develop a simple, sensible and sustainably approach of eating whole foods.

I am looking for people that are "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired" of yo-yo diets and magic shakes . I am looking for people that are willing to work hard and have an open mind; a 100% commitment and desire to change one's life. This program is not easy and is not for everyone. I can assure you that it has changed lives and it can change yours too!

This program is NOT A QUICK WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM.This is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! What is included in this program? You will have my 100% commitment which will include unlimited phone conversations and email correspondences to help guide you successfully through your journey.

This includes:

  • realistic goal setting
  • specific nutrition meal-plan designed bi weekly
  • menu and shopping list

Individually designed exercise program is a $100 additional one time fee.

What is required?

Individuals will complete the following:

1. All medical waiver and release forms
2. One week meal log of all foods and beverages currently consumed, specified in ounces and grams
3. One week exercise & activity log of current program, if any
4. Initial blood profile CBC and vitamin deficiency test and a retest nine (9) weeks into the program

If you are serious about making a change in your life for just $7.00 per day, please give me a call so we can discuss the details and I can answer all your questions on how I can create a specific plan for you.This $630 non refundable payment is paid in full at the beginning of this program.

Nutritional Consultation

Who Can Benefit from booking a Nutritional Consultation?

Whether you need a complete diet overhaul with my 12-week nutrition program or are looking to manage a medical condition or want to fine-tune your food choices or get inspiration for new, healthy recipes, a nutritional consultation can be for you.
My recommendation is to book your appointment after you have received a check up with your primary care provider. I will need to see your most current blood profiles. (within 6 months) This can help inform me whether you have any specific conditions that can be addressed with nutrition such as, elevated blood sugar, high cholesterol or blood pressure issues.
While some clients I see come in for a nutrition consultation to learn more about how their food choices affect their health, others end up in my office at their doctor's suggestion. The following are just a few of the conditions that can improve specifically from dietary interventions:
•Heart disease
•High blood pressure
•High cholesterol
•Diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions
•Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
•Celiac disease
•Obesity or overweight

What to Expect During Your First Consultation

In my consultations I ask about your goals. I will review your medical history, including any medications and supplements you're currently taking. Then I will dive into your lifestyle to get a sense of your stress levels, sleep patterns, energy levels, exercise and gastrointestinal function. I always recommend that you write down everything you eat and drink for 5 days prior to your appointment.
With that guidance, I can begin to discuss your dietary preferences and cooking habits and identify trouble spots, like skipping breakfast or late-night snacking. From there, I'll develop some initial recommendations to help you start eating healthier.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Most clients come in for two to three sessions. If you're ready to learn and incorporate some simple changes into your diet and lifestyle, that's often enough to set you on the right course. But some people like the accountability of setting up monthly consults until they feel in control of - and comfortable with - their new habits. It's not unusual for clients to transition into my 12-week nutrition program.

How Much Will It Cost?

The initial consultation cost is $125 - a one hour minimum. Monthly consultations thereafter are $60 per visit - a one hour minimum.
Nutrition counseling can be a very cost-effective investment in your long-term health. If better nutrition enables you to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol or get your weight in check, it can potentially save you thousands of dollars in medications and other care down the road.

Nutrition Plan