Post Workout Stretching

One of the most common questions I've been asked is, "Why is it so important to stretch after training?"

Here's my opinion:

Stretching can minimize and reduce your chances of injuries. Stretching after a workout will enhance flexibility and reduce muscle tension. If the muscles become tight after a workout, you are more susceptible to pull or tear a muscle. When you can incorporate a consistent regiment with post stretching you eliminate producing lactic acid which would otherwise make muscles sore and fatigued.

Stretching after your workout increases your energy levels. Your brain releases endorphins that make you feel energized. Another benefit of stretching is an increased in muscular coordination allowing greater functional mobility. By stretching you will be able to lower your heart rate which will reduce strain and stress on your heart and cool down the body.

In my opinion, incorporating post workout stretching is as important as the design of your training cycle. From my experience, this is one area that needs more attention. So, make sure to be consistence with your stretching routine. Remember to be proactive, not reactive. Post workout stretching is part of preventive injury training and is the key to sustaining your workout routine and therefore your health.