LeeAnn DeBerry

  I’m a 69-year-old and back in February required radical surgery for breast cancer. I ran into someone who suggested I train with Michael because of the limitations I had post-surgery. I contacted him and luckily, he was able to start training with me right away… I can’t explain how helpful and how I progressed working out with him. I’ve always exercised but never trained like this and it was the best single thing I did after my surgery…well almost 10 months later I am still working out with him not because of any limitations but because he has helped me so much and pushed me beyond what I ever would have done on my own…he is compassionate and understanding. His knowledge and expertise are outstanding and I truly feel blessed to have this opportunity to work out with Michael and keep myself in the best shape I can be in at this time in my life.  

Dr. Chad Weinstein, DC

   I highly recommend Mike Manzo if you're looking for expert guidance! He has been in the fitness industry for over 30 years and his experience and knowledge allows him to customize programs for your needs/ wants. There's only one reason he has lasted in the personal training field for so long. He gets results! And that is why I have and continue to refer my patients to Mike. I know they will be in good hands!

Jordan Klein

  I met Mike Manzo 14 years ago when I was training at a local gym in Middletown, NY and he must have seen me this young 24 year old in the gym with a strong desire for self-improvement in the gym and in life but no idea how to make it happen. We spoke at length and he immediately trained me on how to lift weights properly and with good technique. He would always take time out of his busy schedule to tell me about training and proper nutrition and overtime he became more than just a trainer to me he became family. He has taught me so much about training and life itself. He has always held me accountable and has taught me not just lessons in the gym but lessons in life. He has been there throughout all my good times and not so good times in life. He and I became training partners and even utilized his massage therapy skills on me to help me recover. He has taught me about consistency, commitment and how to overcome any adversity in life. What this gentleman has taught me I could learn nowhere else. I highly recommend anyone who is serious about their fitness goals to work with Mike Manzo. You will never meet another person who as driven, motivated and strong as Mike Manzo.

Bonnie Crisci

  After having left shoulder surgery and weeks of physical therapy, my range of motion was "as good as it gets", according to the surgeon.  Not satisfied with that I decided to reach out to Mike to see if he could help.  Mike gave me an extensive and comprehensive exam, noting what arm positions or motions gave me discomfort or were limiting.  Based on this evaluation (which was emailed to me within two days of our appointment), Mike prescribed daily weight bearing exercises that were simple to do and do not take much time.  He suggested shoulder massage to break up the scar tissue that the surgeon told me was the reason that I would not improve any further than I have after just physical therapy.  
> After less than 2 weeks, I was able to move my left arm in a manner that I hadn't been able to since before my surgery.  After another week, I was able to stretch my left arm straight overhead (another motion that was restricted since before surgery).  My right shoulder was starting to hurt when I started seeing Mike.  I was compensating for the weakness in my left shoulder.  My right shoulder no longer hurts.  My range of motion in my left has improved.  I am so grateful to Mike, because I know that these improvements are completely due to his weekly massages and the weight exercises that he recommended. 

Mike Manzo is the BEST. He is extremely knowledgeable, a professional, experienced and an expert without comparison. He took my pain away and was able to pinpoint the exact areas where I needed the most relief. He personally came to see me and my son to help with nutrition and was able to work around my schedule for my sessions. He cares for his clients and their wellbeing.  He offers the best solution and will change your life. Invest in yourself and your lifestyle. I did and thank Mike Manzo for that. - Sara Morri

Vicki Caston

  The first time I saw Mike was at the gym.  He was doing personal training with a friend of mine for several years.  She knew of my medical history.  I inquired about him, and we were introduced. Without her having to disclose any of medical history to him, he took one look at me and knew everything that was physically wrong.  He asked me if I wanted his help and said, “How would you like to be medication free?”  I said, “Can you really do that?”  He replied, “YES”.

We talked awhile, and he suggested certain foods that could help me, and together we worked out a fitness plan.  Within only a few short weeks, upon seeing my Doctor, I was removed from all medications and, to this day, am still medication free.  I have been working with Mike now for over 2 years and can’t thank him enough for the new me!  I look forward to each and every next session. You are the best.

Burt Thelander

  I am a 68-year-old who has trained with Mike Manzo for over eight years. During this period, he has worked with me in his home and an array of local gyms/fitness clubs, usually at least twice a month for one-hour sessions.

What I admire about his work is his focus on safety/injury prevention, and his clear guidance as he watches me work through the exercises he suggests. He provides calm coaching while he is observing my mechanics/body position. He also stressed the importance of stretching prior and after exercising to prevent injury and provides effective guidance on how to this safely.

I have had rotator cuff injuries resulting from bicycle riding crashes; he has worked with me to use exercises and stretching that will not aggravate these injuries. Have also had hand connective tissue disease that has resulted in finger contractures. He has provided massage/stretching interventions and coached me on how to do this at home/prior to and after exercising.   

He responds in a timely manner to all questions that I send to him via text messages. He is not dogmatic, listens effectively, and has helped me maintain and improve my fitness over the years. I am a very satisfied customer of Mike Man


Billy Piano

  I met Mike Manzo when I was 16 years old. While I was working out, I was watching him train people in the gym. I remember saying to myself, “I need to train with this guy if I want to reach my full potential.” After seeing him a few times in the gym, I finally had gotten the courage to start a conversation with him about how I can reach my goal. Mike already had a reputation of being one of the best trainers in New York. Being nervous was an understatement. We hit it off immediately and we started to train together as partners. Mike told me “we have to build a foundation”, so we did. We started powerlifting movements, basic compound movements, heavy bench, deadlifts and of course, the almighty squat. I remember Mike always telling me, its nutrition. First you have to feed the machine to get the results you want to achieve, then of course, hard training and supplementation. When I was 19, Mike had me enter my first body building competition show. The Eastern Metropolis. I took third place in my weight class. I was hooked! What a feeling! Through Mike’s passion and knowledge, it definitely penetrated over to me. I have been training for 33 years, being 47 years old, I still love the grind. Thanks to Mike. But I do have to say the only thing I don’t miss is pushing his car in the gym parking lot after leg day. My friend, my training partner, and my mentor. Thank you.

Stephanie Turner

  Anthony and I decided that enough was enough, we both had gained a significant amount of weight in our honeymoon happiness stage. Anthony sat down with a man by the name of Mike Manzo and discussed his plan for change. I insisted on coming because I just KNEW it was a scheme, too good to be true. By the end of our conversation I felt educated. I no longer felt like we were being duped into something for benefit of the provider. I did, however, feel like this was going to be an uphill battle and a total life change. I was right. Although I did not receive a meal plan from Mike, I was support for Anthony and chose to eat along the same lines as he was required. Being on the inside of things, i started noticing changes quickly. Our energy levels changed, I was no longer chasing carbs for energy. Then the weight came off!! Nearly effortlessly! Then came time for the gym...and what do you know. More weight came off!! Being committed to changing what hasn't worked for so long is scary, but it's the best change we have made so far. I look at Anthony today and it makes me so proud to know the commitment he made to a better life for all of us. I was there the day our doctor called for the first time. My heart sank hearing the bad news. I come from a family riddled with heart disease. And now the person I love was headed down the same road. I also received the follow-up voicemail to say what he saw on blood work was nearly miraculous! I promise you, this is not a gimmick. I don't share this to get a kickback, or to gain anything for that matter. I want people educated, I want them to have a better life, the life we didn't think was real. I don't struggle to get up with my 6 a.m. alarm like I used to, I don't need a 3 p.m. nap. This is NOT a diet...this is a lifestyle change. This is rejecting all of the horrible things we have been accustomed to putting into our bodies and supplying it with the fuel it needs. I cannot thank Mike enough for opening our eyes!

Anne Thelander

  Mike has been my trainer for the past 8 years. He always is professional and attentive to detail during our sessions. I am impressed with his knowledge of form and anatomy. His knowledge has been invaluable especially when I have pulled some muscle at work and want to rest it but still work out. He can adapt to any problem and often looks into the problem and shares more information. He consistently is interested in learning more and passing it on to his clients. 

Sara Morris

 Mike Manzo is the BEST. He is extremely knowledgeable, a professional, experienced and an expert without comparison. He took my pain away and was able to pinpoint the exact areas where I needed the most relief. He personally came to see me and my son to help with nutrition and was able to work around my schedule for my sessions. He cares for his clients and their wellbeing.  He offers the best solution and will change your life. Invest in yourself and your lifestyle. I did and thank Mike Manzo for that.  

Mary Trotter

 Over the last five years, I have had injuries in my calves, rotator cuff, and neck! I wanted to learn how to train myself around my injuries without creating pain or making them worse. I always seemed to irritate the areas, which was so discouraging because I love being active. This year, I met Mike. He taught me how to strengthen the areas around my injuries and how to work around the problems in my body. Now I can run, and lift weights without pain in my calves or shoulders! He furthered the recovery and strengthened the areas of discomfort. This amazed me! Thank you Mike, your the best!

Howie Josephson

 I have the utmost respect and trust in him like anyone that you can imagine. I have been dealing with back issues for almost 20 years now. And to this day I trust him to work on my back these days as much as the orthopedic surgeon who did the surgery on me. If there was anything he couldn't answer for me regards’ health, nutrition and fitness he would get back to me. He is always very professional.
I can only wish him only the Best! Success in his profession. Thank you, Mike.