Personal Training

My personal training programs are designed for highly committed people that are serious about changing their lives.

Individual Weight Training Program
Designed specifically with your goal in mind, this program may include free weights, bands, machines and bodyweight exercises or a combination thereof.

Stretch, Mobility and Joint Training Program
Specifically designed to work on joint and muscle mobility, this program will include flexibility movement and techniques to improve range of motion.

Post Rehabilitation Program
Essential for individuals who have just completed a rehabilitation program, this program will include specific exercises designed to improve range of motion, joint flexibility as well as increase muscle strength and coordination.



1 SESSION: $60.00
8 SESSIONS: $440.00


1 SESSION: $90.00
8 SESSIONS: $680.00

Exercise & Fitness Consultations

What is an Exercise & Fitness Consultation?

An Exercise & Fitness Consultation is an individualized, one on one appointments designed to evaluate your current situation and create a comprehensive program to improve mobility and fitness based on your specific health condition. I will take you through an array of muscle testing to determine range of motion to help create a comprehensive program specific to your needs. Part of my evaluation process incorporates guidelines use from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Heart Association (AHA) providing a basis for your prescribed exercise program.

What Takes Place During an Exercise & Fitness Consultation?

During your Exercise & Fitness Consultation, I will take a brief medical history with an emphasis placed on cardiovascular and orthopedic history. A detailed exercise history will narrow down preferences and current activities.
We will discuss short-term and long-term goals to provide the most appropriate Exercise & Fitness program. All exercise components, guidelines and techniques are explained and demonstrated if needed, for a comprehensive cardiovascular, strength training, and flexibility program.
After completion of the initial consultation, you have the option to sign on for training sessions with me or to work on your own to carry out the plan. You will also have the option to return for scheduled follow-up consultation appointments for continual modification of your exercise and fitness plan. If you feel satisfied with the exercise program, follow-up appointments may not be necessary.

What kind of client can benefit from an Exercise & Fitness Consultation?

Exercise & Fitness Consultations are offered for individuals with:
•general exercise concerns
•cardiovascular disease
•peripheral vascular disease
•high cholesterol
•weight issues and obesity
•family risk of heart disease
•metabolic syndrome

How Much Will It Cost?

The initial consultation cost is $125 - a one hour minimum. Monthly consultations thereafter are $60 per visit - a one hour minimum.